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If you want the best VPN for gaming, look for a Surfshark server available in your country. In India, there are five total servers. Theyre all located in Bangalore, so youll get high speeds on them and avoid any lag.

All in all, Surfshark is a great choice for all users. I recommend it to everyone, especially if youre a beginner or need a VPN that works most of the time. Surfshark is also one of the most user-friendly VPNs.

I am glad you enjoyed working with us! Unfortunately, we arent the cheapest provider youll find, but weve been fairly consistent in terms of quality of service. Were glad you appreciate our efforts and hope you continue to enjoy your Surfshark experience.

We are happy to hear that you agree with us. Privacy and personal data is of the utmost importance to us as well. We go to great lengths to ensure that Surfshark doesnt collect your personal data, and that you can enjoy the freedom to browse the internet as you like.

– Private torrenting/file sharing is typically not possible through VPNs. Youll still have to deal with the DNS and port restrictions of those services.
– Surfshark does not seem to have a dedicated Torrent function, but it can be activated within the “Privacy” tab. It supports P2P just like all other VPN apps.
– There are very few options when it comes to logging, but you can always opt-out of the server logs if youd like.
– The app doesn’t show up in the VPN section of the Android settings, so youll either have to manually edit the hosts file, or make sure you have a paid account, in order to be able to use it. You can, however, enable the VPN server manually, as well as set it to automatically start upon boot.
– Surfshark claims that it can bypass China’s Great Firewall, but that seems dubious at best. The DNS does redirect you to an IP in Hong Kong, but thats only the case while connecting to the app. Once you leave, youll be sent to an address located in mainland China. Surfshark’s privacy policy does not make it clear whether or not the company will comply with requests from China to disclose this information. So while theres no “real” benefit to bypassing the Chinese Firewall, theres also no real penalty either, since you can access everything you want. You just wont be allowed access to the sites or services censored by the Chinese government.
– Surfshark is really good when youre on a public wi-fi network and want to connect to your home internet. It wont allow you to use public wi-fi hotspots like the airports, but it will let you connect in the privacy of your home.

Cracked Surfshark Final Release

Cracked Surfshark Final Release

Another thing you should know is that Surfshark has a working extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser, that lets you connect to servers through other IP addresses if your ISP has changed your IP. This might not be a big deal for users in UK, but it is a definite plus in countries where ISPs are constantly banning VPNs.

Another thing is that Surfshark lets you choose the quality of service that you get, and you can now do that in three different ways. Via the Windows or Android app, you can set a number of different factors including the number of concurrent connections, connection encryption, and the level of redundancy that you want.

When it comes to server locations, Surfshark has a bunch of them, and it supports OpenVPN UDP and TCP, IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2 and SSTP, so you can be sure you can reach a wide variety of countries, from the USA, UK, Canada, most of Europe, Latin America, Australia, and many more.

Today we announce the release of Surfshark Labs, Surfshark 1 year. This is the development blog for Surfshark Labs, here you can find a real log of our work and experiments for the past 12 months, and where we are heading for the next 12 months.

Surfshark is one of the best paid, most advanced VPN services you can get. The majority of users are happy with its performance and user-friendly setup, and those that are not, typically stick to cheaper and more basic services.

When the service is on it’ll work as a standard VPN in most cases, but there are quite a few extras such as an encrypted DNS service , a two-factor authentication option and a forum where users can ask each other for help and offer support to others. Surfshark Nulled mobile apps are available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

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Surfshark New Version

Overall, we find Surfshark VPN to be extremely easy to use and there is very little config to do. Surfshark VPN lets you connect to its servers through a mobile app and through a website, which makes it easy to connect to a VPN even if you don’t have a computer handy.

Travelers are the company’s biggest priority. The group includes both subscribers and free users. As a company, we focus on security and privacy for all of our users. Surfshark will continue to pioneer the company’s ultimate goal of connecting people, which ultimately benefits us all.

We’re working with a team of great engineers at the Surfshark HQ in our London office. We often travel to see our users or visit our big partners, like Cisco or Cisco’s VNI technology, allowing for an innovative and agile development process. We’re committed to delivering innovative features and services that you can use and trust, allowing users to safely unblock geographies, bypass firewalls and relax while enjoying all the freedoms of the web.

Even though Surfshark VPN hasn’t claimed to be completely transparent, it provides almost all of the requested log information. We’re happy to see that it’s capable of publishing customer complaints on Twitter as well, but we were disappointed that they don’t publish disclosures about the legal basis for its activities, to which customers should be treated under GDPR.

One of the reasons for choosing ExpressVPN in the first place is its location in British Virgin Islands (BVI). Again, this may be the best location for customers of this VPN service, but we weren’t able to find reliable information about where Surfshark VPN actually resides. Of course, it’s more important that the company operates transparently and consistently provides the information that you might need to make an informed decision. Perhaps a third-party audit is in order.

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What’s new in Surfshark

  • No changes.
  • No new iOS devices listed. There are new additions on Android.

Surfshark Features

Surfshark Features

  • Premium US VPN
  • Advanced Kill Switch
  • Split Tunneling
  • Simple & Easy to use
  • No speed limit

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