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Excel also offers icons (little pictures) to the right of the formatting options. These are all the text font and number formats that were available in Excel 2007 and 2010, but they now have names.

Word has always been able to link to most Office files. In fact, the older 2013 version can automatically create a new Word document from whatever file you have open, as well as merge new text and formatting into it. But now, in Excel 2016, there are more options. Excel can now set itself up so that when you press the File menu button and then the New option, the new file will open into the location that the existing file is open in, with the existing file in the background. Or it can create a new file with a new filename, instead of overwriting the existing file.

Microsoft has also provided some cool updated features for Excel 2016 users. In the dialog box that shows up when you insert a chart, you can now choose to float the chart or dock it to the worksheet or even center it on the worksheet. You can also specify whether to show the legend when you want it. You can drag and drop the chart as well.

Although Excel 2016 isnt a heavily used program, you can use it to write to other file formats. If you do youll be able to save it as a CSV file, Microsoft Office XML or Office Open XML, or the default standard Open XML (xslm).

When Microsoft released Excel for Mac 2016 back in October 2012, many people started looking at the program as the default spreadsheet for Mac users because they werent using Office for Mac 2011. Perhaps just as many people thought Excel for Mac 2016 was just a silly waste of time. The truth is that there are many Excel for Mac users. So it makes sense to include spreadsheet functionality in any Microsoft Office program you make available to your customers. It helps increase your adoption of Excel, which can in turn help increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

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If youre looking for a data entry method, choose File > Options> Advanced, and then choose a data entry tool from the Data Tools tab on the Ribbon. To calculate values in a worksheet, click Home > Calculate > Calculate Now. Excel 2016 automatically adds calculated cells to a worksheet and to a pivot table on that worksheet.

Theres something for everyone in Excel 2016. Even with the first significant update in nearly 10 years, Microsoft still hasn’t strayed from its core strengths in spreadsheets: Data analysis, Data-driven layouts, Analysis, Reporting and Data visualization.

In fact, with Excel 2016, Microsoft eliminated some of the more complex features that were introduced in later versions of Excel. For example, conditional formatting is no longer included with the basic version of Excel, but it is included in all but the Home Basic versions. The power of formulas remains, as does the ability to enter data visually. Unlike Excel, which allows you to enter data into formulas only manually, Power Query is still capable of importing data from many external sources, such as databases and FTP servers.

The largest change in Excel 2016 is the addition of Power View, which is new to the basic version. It allows you to analyze the data with multiple views of your data, such as bar, line, pie, and other types of graphs and charts. Within each view is the ability to segment a line or bar graph by date, location, or any other variable.

To use Excel 2016, you need a Windows PC with an Internet connection. For the Mac version, you need a Mac with Office 365 Home or Home and Office 365 Personal or Business subscription. You also must have an Office 365 (subscription) account. If you dont have an Office 365 account, click this link .

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Microsoft Excel 2016 Description

Chapin says that the new data import tool features an in-built data scrubber, allowing users to remove obscure or problematic characters, blank cells, and blanks—and he encourages users to watch the smart tools and options as they scrub. In previous versions of Excel, you had to know where the information was coming from, which could create a gap in your ability to scale new data sources as the need arises.

Not any more. If you create data scrubbers as part of your smart queries, Excel will pull the data into its own shared calculation service, called Power Query. Once your scrubber runs, it’s available for use in Excel. You then can review and clean it down to the best information. That information then can be used in charts, pivot tables, and more. Power Query will then generate new information to fill in the holes left by the cleansed data. It will know from where the information originated.

Power Query’s smart tools will help you clean up the data, giving you a number of options that can be adjusted to work best. In addition to deleting values that can’t be understood, Power Query will remove unnecessary characters such as brackets, complex formulas, anything with the string ‘#REF’, and spaces. Once it’s cleaned up the data, you can input it into other Excel functions or transform it to new information.

2. Refactored formulas: The built-in formulas in Excel 2016 have been completely rewritten with a focus on greater accuracy, more understandable formulas, and improved performance. Formulas are used to do a variety of tasks in Excel, such as calculate, organize and output data, create formulas for functions (i.e.

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What’s new in Microsoft Excel 2016

What's new in Microsoft Excel 2016

  • New ability to import data from
  • Data and text import from the clipboard.
  • Screen Cleaner to remove unwanted screen areas, such as dates, drop down menus or the change controls.
  • Text resize to make long or wide text fit into the space.
  • Post-import rule actions to automate various tasks, such as renaming columns, or cleaning of imported data.
  • Create data table and graph formulas that can be dragged down and shared to replicate across sheets.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Features

Microsoft Excel 2016 Features

  • Mac users now have the same version of Microsoft Excel as Windows users, and the same keyboard shortcuts as Windows
  • Saving a spreadsheet to a Mac location doesnt just involve copying the file. You can save directly to a Mac directory, external drive or even a network share.
  • Mac excel cells are dynamically resizable and have resizing handles for clean and simple cell sizing.
  • Full 64-bit support and more RAM and RAM optimized data file formats
  • Optimized data file formats for Android tablets and iPhones
  • Mac excel syntax highlighting

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