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The most common issue that people find with Altium Designer’s paste and no-paste paste mask options is that paste and no-paste paste masks are not interchangeable for PCB layout. This means that if you had created a paste mask, but your design rule required a no-paste paste mask, Altium Designer would have converted the paste mask to a no-paste paste mask. This behavior is the reason for the warning seen on the Paste Mask panel if there were any paste mask objects on the paste mask layer. The Paste Mask panel is automatically updated in this situation.

When working with libraries on a project level, it is often desirable to quickly see the libraries that are part of a project. Altium Designer displays a tree-style display of the libraries in the project. This display shows libraries at the project, schematic, PCB, and footprint library levels, which make it a great quick-look tool in my opinion.

This is the PADS Key tool. When you use the Design Rules Compiler in Download Altium Designer, it will attempt to determine the key tool to use based on the layout and schematic. When using PADS Key, you get a slightly different layout than if you used PADS Key with a schematic only file.

You can choose whether or not to add components directly to the PCB. If you do, then Altium Designer will attempt to make sure that all of your components are the type that it expects to find on the PCB. If a component can’t be found, then the Xref object will be saved in place so that it can be referenced elsewhere.

I have been informed by a reader that this new found Altium compatibility does not quite handle a custom component search. To ensure that your designs are searchable in Altium, you will need to force a custom component search during the Altium import of your custom library.

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Finally, it is possible to apply a keepout to only the outline of a component (i.e., there is no keepout on the pads) and this is done with the No_Copper_Keepout_Set Command. To implement keepouts on components, there is a Track_Keepout feature available in Altium Designer that is based on an ID number that can be generated within the DB. These IDs can be used to create design rules around components as well. As a result, in some situations the need for keepouts can be eliminated.

Finally, there are also a number of changes in the Altium Designer component set that enables the creation of a new geometry type of outline for keeping out components. This is known as a “Component_Outline” and will be discussed in more detail in the next section.

Aside from the PADS Conversion Tool, there is also a suite of conversion tools that can be used to import other Altium software into Altium Designer and vice versa. There is no need to load the Import Process and Keepouts and the Import Overlay dialogs as described previously.

While these versions can be used as replacements for the Altium Designer Pads Import tool, it is not the only tool in the PADS suite that makes PADS easier to use. For instance, Altium Designer can import components from PADS within a project into the PCB Editor. In that case, the Altium Designer designer rules will be used to set the design rules for the component.

Modern Design Technologies: Altium Designer recognizes industry standards in the 2D and 3D design areas, including AS-2534, AS-6009, DIN A5, DIN A4, DIN A3, DIN A4 and AS-3123B, AS-3127, AS-3024, AS-3280, AS-3283, AS-3282, AS-3300, and other international standards. New modern layouts – including 2-high and 3-high, multi-stack, and multilayered designs – are becoming the standard. Just a few examples of the new layout standards include two-high, twisted pair, and three-high. Designers are exporting their designs to the newer, more modern standards for better documentation, tighter rules, and easier manufacturability.

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What is Altium Designer good for?

What is Altium Designer good for?

One of the problems with on-demand licenses is that they do not provide a performance management solution. Altium Designer has a generic license management application that is used to track, manage, and archive on-demand licenses. The designer, PLM, and enterprise products can all use this generic license application for improved functionality and experience. For detailed information on Altium Designer license management tools, read our overview in the Product Documentation .

Altium Designer, Altium Enterprise, and Altium NEXUS have been optimized for use with the Autodesk CC 2018 platform. If you would prefer to use Altium Designer or Altium Enterprise on earlier platforms, please contact your sales representative for guidance.

Altium Designer builds on the experience gained from the powerful translation tool, Altium Designer 2018. The new tools help you connect the physical design of your project to your design rules, PLM requirements, and enterprise solutions and ensure you avoid conflicts and gaps between the rules in your project files and the rules in your design environment. Altium Designer’s new tools simplify this process by introducing many new features to help you work faster and efficiently.

Altium Designer comes with the Altium Live View application, an interactive application environment for PCB design, that supports your entry point to design PCBs and schematic views in a single tool.
Live View provides a graphical interaction allowing you to rapidly prototype, design, test, and export your circuit design without the need to manually enter design rules. Live View is available on the desktop version of Altium Designer. Altium Live View also gives you access to a range of industry specific tools, such as a high-resolution zoom, PCB footprint editor, and schematic to PCB designer.

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What’s new in Altium Designer

  • Eagle Import
  • Alibre Designer
  • Alibre Editor
  • Waypoint Plus
  • Waypoint Connect
  • Alight PCB Express
  • Waypoint
  • ReportLab Pro

Altium Designer Features

Altium Designer Features

  • Licensing: You can make use of the design files created for the latest version in earlier versions of Altium Designer as long as they remain unchanged;
  • The latest version of Designer includes bug fixes for both the 2018 and 2019 releases;

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