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In the first 60 years since English explorer George Mallory and Italian mountaineer Umberto Nobile first attempted an ascent, many people have tried to climb Mount Everest. In 1923 Mallory and his four other companions tried to reach the top, but heavy snowfall forced them to turn back. In 1954 American mountaineer Peter Hansen , along with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, reached the summit. After climbing a smaller mountain the pair spent several months down low. The campaign to climb Everest was expected to cost more than a million dollars and was not funded by the Government of Nepal. In May 1951 the adventurous duo headed out on their mission, but the pair was never seen again.

Mount Everest is 6893 metres (22,234 ft) above sea level and is the world’s highest mountain. It has an area of 19,200 square kilometres (7,647 sq mi) and is situated in the Himalayas, a mountain range in the northern hemisphere.

The first team to successfully climb Everest was a British expedition led by Sir John Hunt, but in 1996 another British team, led by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, achieved the ascent. Hillary and Norgay were honorary members of the expedition and Norgay had become known as the first man to successfully climb Mount Everest. Hillary was born on 29th November 1901 in Auckland and Norgay was born on 11 th November in 1915 in Tibet. They met in India in 1953 and Norgay told them of the Sherpa people, who had never seen a white person before.

A group of scientists and soldiers organised by Sir George Everest, founder of the Royal Geographical Society, were chosen to embark on this task. They were primarily motivated by the fact that the Indian Survey was now well advanced and the peak was the only one in the vicinity that still had a missing height; their original maps showed it to be up to four thousand metres in height. They assembled a team consisting of Darbishire and the surveyor Captain Abraham Bailey, to go to the peaks and establish a survey.

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Seven and eight-seat models are available in Everest China6. The Platinum trim level is the most powerful Everest yet with more horsepower than the competing Model X and Model S.2 In China, we are introducing a range of features unique to the Great Wall: the pre-collision function (PC-F), the back-up camera function (BAC-F) and the lane-keeping function (LK-F).7

China-exclusive version of Everest. Available in seven and eight-seater variants. As part of a new strategy to bring new style and innovation to Great Wall and the SUV market, China-exclusive version of Everest With Crack will be launched, built on Everest China6, the exclusive version of Everest. The exclusive version of Everest China6 features the latest low-slung, tall and wide design, covered rear speaker system, a wide, smart, comfortable and elegant look.

A really spacious, sleek, and comfortable cabin. The cabin is a showcase of the technology behind the SUV. Everest has all the space and comfort of a family SUV with the feel of a premium sedan. As part of the vehicles industry-leading 0-100 km/h acceleration time, the cabin was built for a new generation of drivers. Everest will return you to first-time driving: more reward, more connection and more enjoyment. A cabin that embraces a 4×6 designed for freedom.2

Heated and ventilated front seats3are standard on Sport and Platinum, and optional on Trend. There’s more high-tech bling and 10 data screens in the Everest interior. There’s more high-tech bling and 10 data screens in the Everest interior. Over the last couple of years, Everest has evolved into a premium SUV, with luxurious new materials, premium touches, and innovative technology.

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What is Everest good for?

What is Everest good for?

Offering unmet needs is the best way for climbers to serve the surrounding communities. For the Sherpa people, the primary need is to be paid fairly for their work. Successful climbers of Everest can offer monetary compensation in the form of travel gifts, clothing, food, and other supplies. Successful expeditions can also give climbers a modest amount of tourism revenue. All of these funds help the Sherpa live without debilitating poverty. If the climbers and politicians in Nepal can work together to ensure that the Sherpas and other people of the region are paid fairly for their work, the climbers will be able to provide more for the local people. On top of that, the regions local businesses can also benefit from the publicity.

Arguably, the most dangerous aspect of climbing is the unseen risks. For years the media has obsessed over Mother Nature. But recent events on the mountain and in climbing communities have reminded us that Mother Nature is rarely around to help. In addition to the avalanche in 2013, most Everest climbers end up with costly medical bills from the cost of surgery and post-haste treatment. The climbing community needs to find more ways to offer in-kind support.

For years, climbing Everest has been a springboard to the greater heights of international fame. A wide variety of news outlets have adopted the worldwide procession of ascending climbers as their prime reporting mechanism, says Celeste Thompson, an Antarctic expert who became interested in mountaineering while working at The News during the 1970s. For the rest of the climbing world, Everest gave us television, webcams, special effects shots, blog posts, and all of the other modern means of media reporting. We may be a decade or two away from a new media model, but at least now we have something to watch!

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What’s new in Everest

What's new in Everest

  • Exclusive design
  • 2x more colour options than previous headlamp designs (4 HID colours included).
  • Dynamic bending light reduces glare and improves perception of the headlamps.
  • Advanced HID technology that provides the brightness & colour of HID lights while consuming less energy.
  • All-LED Array HID lights not only have the flexibility of full auto modes, but can also be dimmed to static level for dynamic bending.
  • Enhanced lens that has a million times the maximum angle of view; only 30% of the light is wasted
  • Larger, brighter, brighter and brighter LEDs in the headlamps
  • LED Headlamp technology, which is not affected by heat and/or water and has a lifespan of 10 years
  • Soaring height: wide angle of view HID headlamps
  • 6-step switching

Everest System Requirements

Everest System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • Keyboard:
  • 84 – 168 keys

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