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It is very easy to use the YouCam video recovery software. You just need to open the software. While pressing the “Start” button, the software will start scanning your system to locate the deleted YouCam videos on your system.

The recovery of the deleted data will begin. If it is able to recover the deleted YouCam videos then you are done. Otherwise, the process will continue until all the files are recovered from your system.

You can apply various effects to the user’s face. For example, users can set a variety of effects to the user’s eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth or even to the whole face. You can also apply a variety of distortion effects to enlarge the facial feature on the webcam’s screen. YouCam also features a variety of foreground effects that can be applied to the user’s body, or even to the background of the photo, in order to enhance the photo’s visual effects. In addition, youCam features its background effects, in which youCam makes use of various background effects to enhance the visual effects of the photo.

YouCam is designed to make it simple and fast for you to shoot and share photos with your friends and family. With YouCam’s unique skin-matching technology and an intuitive interface, it lets you control the focus, color and other settings of your webcam with just a few clicks. YouCam also helps you record video and snap photos with your webcam at any time and from anywhere. YouCam is a great webcam application for casual and professional users.

YouCam is a webcam software to let you make video calls and take video snapshots. YouCam also has augmented reality features. YouCam can be used both as a webcam software and as a webcam controller. YouCam provides a webcam controller and webcam software for MSN Messenger (formerly Windows Live Messenger) for user to create and stream webcam videos to other users. Features (incomplete) include, augmented reality, face beautification, augmented reality, new effects, frame by frame editing, real time virtual makeup, new background patterns, speech recognition, text to speech, and voice recording. YouCam’s webcam controller software can be used for MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Videos, and Yahoo! Messenger’s webcam. YouCam has an easy to use interface and features for live video calls. YouCam is one of the few webcam apps that enable users to record videos for their friends via MSN, Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger.

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YouCam is a webcam application that is designed to replace the typical webcam icon found on any Windows system. YouCam is designed for comfortable and easy use by adding special effects, live capture, face recognition and customizable editing features to photos and videos. YouCam can be used on a variety of video conferencing platforms including Microsoft Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Lync, a Microsoft-marketed product that is positioned to compete with the likes of Cisco Jabber for enterprise collaboration. Additionally, the product is compatible with both the iPhone and iPod touch as well as Apple computers. The latest version of YouCam includes new features such as support for Facebook Live and YouTube Live streaming, a new interface, and other enhancements.

The convenience, versatility and flexibility of the powerful new features found in CyberLink YouCam 8 will make live video streaming easier than ever. YouCam 8 also comes with new skin smoothing and filtering tools that make webcam chatting seem more natural and lifelike, as users can apply a new skin filter in one click or control the skin smoothing effects and animation speed to customize the look of the emoticon being drawn on screen. YouCam 8 allows users to enjoy a high quality webcam chat with just one click. For the first time, YouCam also supports live streaming features such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live, enabling users to share their webcams with friends and family worldwide. In addition to the live streaming features, the new “TrueTheater” technology of YouCam 8 allows users to broadcast vivid webcam footage to their friends and family without sacrificing picture quality.

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The YouCam 9 includes a beautiful new look that includes the big circular background that has been created with the text in the center. With this updated version of the CyberLink YouCam 9, you can connect and view your images and videos across all of your favourite social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter too. In addition, you can easily create your own customized branding through the YouCam 9 software. Furthermore, you can easily share your images and video via a wide range of online video sharing sites including YouKu and Veoh too. Even, YouCam 9 support multiple apps such as Skype, YouCam, Skype for Windows, Screencast-O-Matic, Sparkcaster 3, and more.

In the previous version, users could only view the last few seconds of captured images and videos through the YouCam and also the audio/video output feature didn’t seem to work properly. In the new update, you can play the captured images and videos, view snapshots, and screencasts, and preview the recorded YouTube videos too. Also, you can easily delete, reorder and sort the captured images and videos on the device using the YouCam 9. Furthermore, the new version has also support for iOS mobile.

In the previous version, you could not change the volume and mute status of the audio while recording and also, there was no way to view high-definition videos on the touch-screen interface. Now, with this new version of the Free CyberLink YouCam Download 9, you can fix the problems easily by using the easy-to-use wizard. In addition, you can view the high definition videos too.

YouCam 9 also includes a responsive, intuitive user interface that is easy to use. Also, the software includes a variety of new features like Social Apps, Social Logos, Social Filters, Social Logos, Social Frames, Social Profile, Social Networking, Social Slideshow, Social Wall, Sound Effects, Sound Logos, Spoken Logos, Spoken Channels, Spoken Channels, and more, along with a brand new HD video viewer. Furthermore, you can view the YouTube videos or Facebook posts on the touch-screen interface too.

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CyberLink YouCam Features

  • Rotation of images on a 2D touch screen
  • Saving photo images in your camera roll
  • Cropping with your fingers on a 2D touch screen
  • Adjusting pictures and resizing images from the camera roll
  • Rotating images on a 2D touch screen
  • Free style drawing with your fingers on a touch screen
  • Free way of changing your pictures on a 2D touch screen
  • 3D face and 3D profile editing
  • Vista-specific menu
  • Audio and Video enhancer tool
  • Adjustable template for your webcam
  • Full version included

CyberLink YouCam System Requirements

  • Windows XP or later
  • D-SUB 6.0
  • 2 GHz processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 15 MB hard disk space
  • 5 MB Internet connection


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