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Ransomware Protection Avira Antivirus Pro includes real-time protection against targeted ransomware, which is designed to lock up and render your files unusable until you pay a ransom. This gives ransomware a new target, because computers infected with ransomware will stay locked up for ransom.

Get your privacy back with fully automatic leak protection. If you are a student, a journalist, or someone who works in a public-facing capacity, you may want to keep your private information private. To achieve this, you can configure Avira Antivirus Pro Nulled to hide browsing activities, block cookies and other browser tracks, hide cache, and prevent tracking and spying tools from following you on the Internet.

Avira Internet Security is a desktop antivirus that offers good protection while on the Internet but doesnt offer comprehensive features. You can install the antivirus application in any Windows operating system and Avira Internet Security can detect both viruses and spyware. The software uses heuristic analysis to detect and remove viruses and spyware, which means it will not only detect them but also remove them. Avira Internet Security install automatically via the windows system, and can be configured to run at regular intervals, as well as after you install a new program.

Aviras malware scanning is good, has a decent number of features, and provides good coverage against known threats.Avira Antivirus hits pretty hard on the malware front. The software is particularly adept at detection of banking trojans, and the software does a great job of cleaning up infected files (all but one of which were infected with CryptoLocker). That said, the program does tend to produce false positives (detecting a legitimate file as a virus), which means you may have to figure out which one are false positives and remove them manually.

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The standard virus scanner and browser feature-set of Avira Free Security are adequate for most users. Avira Free Security is your best option if youre concerned about virus protection but dont want to pay for a paid version. Unlike the paid Avira products, it doesnt protect against ransomware.

This is the Avira antivirus that youll want if you need robust security for laptops, mobile devices, and gaming machines. The Avira Antivirus Checker and System Scanner is our favorite scanner overall for both laptops and desktops.

Best for those who need a single antivirus product that offers email, file-monitoring, and browser protection for desktop and mobile devices. Avira Internet Security for Home Premium offers email scanning, file scanning, and a free antivirus component, while Avira Email Security for Home Premium offers file scanning and email scanning. You can choose between monthly or yearly payments, and the Home Premium includes a firewall and parental controls.

Avira Safe Shopping for Google Chrome offers a better user interface than Firefox, as well as more scanning features for your browser. This program is convenient and offers safer browsing; the combination of Safe Shopping and Avira Safe Shopping for Chrome will protect you from malicious websites that could potentially harm you by stealing your personal information, or even harm your online experience by serving you annoying ads or redirecting you to websites with malware.

A lot of people use and like Avira Internet Security. The program offers a clean and easy-to-navigate home page, simple to use security options and advanced web protection against malware, phishing, key loggers and spyware in all popular browsers, combined with an excellent functionality, stability and high performance. Avira will be the first choice of many. Avira Internet Security is our next best choice among all AV products we have tested. It also offers a free browser filter for IE and Google Chrome.

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What is Avira Antivirus Pro and what is it for

The antivirus pane is otherwise just like the one in Avira Free Security, which in turn is just like the one in Avira Premium. It defaults to looking for threats and disinfecting them during a Full scan. If youre not finding any and fear that an undetected threat is waiting to strike, you can run a Quick scan. A Quick scan only looks for threats, not disinfects them, leaving them alive in a quarantined folder that you can delete at your leisure.

Im getting a bit tired here, so I think Ill stop. Ill mention another neat little feature, known as Email Protection. It is Aviras way of scanning the attachments of email received by the Mail filter component of Free Security. This saves you from having to open each attachment to scan it, as well as saving the time spent reading email. If you receive a malicious attachment via email, you can download it and run a Quick scan on it to find its location.

There are some third party add-ons that are very good and that I have tested and that can help detect much more malware. Avira just needs to identify the program itself. With its Pro-Only web Protection, it will tell you whether the URL it is examining has been blocked, added to a blacklist, or whitelisted.

By comparison, other, older virus scanners focus on scanning files to detect known bad files. Aviras more secure, proactive approach can keep you safer for a longer period. Its ability to keep you safe while you browse the web cannot be underestimated. It is also one of the few antivirus solutions which offers integrity protection. Aviras AntiVir Personal Firewall works together with Aviras anti-malware engine to protect your device, and keep it safe from data corruption, as well as unwanted changes in settings, and deny access to dangerous websites.

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What’s new in Avira Antivirus Pro

What's new in Avira Antivirus Pro

  • Defender Antivirus is now the name of the antivirus engine that Avira is using.
  • A new Device Protection feature to prevent trojans and other malware from accessing your computer.
  • The Help button now links to Aviras site and forums
  • A new interface design to make your taskbar a bit more friendly.
  • In the new Pro mode, options to lock screen, check for updates, and clean up memory are available from the notification area icon.

Avira Antivirus Pro Features

Avira Antivirus Pro Features

  • Blocks location services
  • Filters out known malicious sites
  • Customization for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera
  • Only Avira offers that.

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